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     Jiangsu Baicheng Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd. founded in 1999, mainly trade series of acrylic monomers. We have rich experience in domestic and foreign sales. The annual sales reached 1.5 billion yuan.
    Company with "Professional About Products, Efficient In Operations, Reliable In Our Services, Time Bound" for the concept, focus on building a professional marketing team;
Servicing customer as our mission, to keep close contact and cooperation with the customers.

  We have three subsidiaries
*    Wholly-owned subsidiary: Jiangsu Jinshen Pharmaceutical Co., LTD.  
*    Joint venture: AnDaHuiHuang Biomedicine Technology Co., LTD.
*    Joint venture: Suzhou Hechuang Chemical Co., LTD.  

History of the company

*    On September 27, 1999, Jiangsu Baicheng Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. was established to distribute acrylic acid produced by Shanghai Gaoqiao Petrochemical.
*    In 2000, increased the operation of acrylates and related products.
*    Built 20 thousand square meters dangerous cargo warehouse in 2003;
*    The annual sales amount was more than RMB 100 million in 2004;
*    Took over Changshu Jinshen Medical Chemistry Products Co., Ltd, and in    September set up department of trading in 2007;
*    Paid 30 million to reform Changshu Jinshen Medical Chemistry Products Co., Ltd, built GMP workshop in August, 2009;
*    Built 1800mt storage tank of dangerous cargo there in 2010;
*    In 2015 Baicheng invested Suzhou Hechuang Chemical Co.,Ltd. Suzhou Hechuang was mainly managing special (methyl) acrylic monomers;
*    The domestic and foreign sales was more than RMB 780 million in 2017;
*    In 2018 Baicheng invested RMB 300 million, covered 80 mu, to build 5,000 tons storage tank and 150,000 tons acrylic emulsion production base;
*    Suzhou Hechuang started producing 50,000 tons of special (methyl) acrylic monomers units in Nov 2018;
*    In 2020, the company's sales exceeded 1 billion yuan. Invested in Anda Brilliant Biomedical Technology Co., LTD., holding 30%.
*    In 2021, Jiangsu Jinshen Pharmaceutical applied for WHO-PQ for sulfamidoxine API;
*    In 2022, the company's sales exceeded 1.5 billion yuan.

Company advantage

*   Quality service: quick response, one-stop service.
* Convenient logistics: Located in the Yangtze River Delta, adjacent to the international     metropolis of Shanghai, logistics transportation is very convenient.
*   A stable supply of goods.
*   Reliable quality.

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